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Hola, I'm Sahara

About Me

Lovely to connect with you. My name is Sahara, I am a Naturopath that believes we are multidimensional beings, life is magical, and to truly heal we must take care of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

I have been a Naturopath for the past 8 years and in the wellness space for 14 years. I am passionate about women's wellness, and ancient women's wisdom. I love witnessing women heal, step into their power, and embrace who they truly are. The transformation from energetic depletion, low self-esteem, unwellness, and rejection of their feminine essence to embodying joy, wellness, power, and magic is truly a gift to behold. 

I am a lover of all things magical, and a seeker that has a passion for thinking and living outside of the mainstream matrix. I’m originally from multicultural Melbourne and live between tropical Bali and sunny Gold Coast. I am part Australian, part Italian. My Italian blood is responsible for my wild passion, overuse of hands, and my love for romantic places.

I spent many years in the corporate world until I started following my heart which led me to natural healing, women's wellness, and ancient women's wisdom.

To me, a rich and magical life looks like adventures, freedom, wonderful health, limitless abundance, creativity, loving connections, play, and purpose. A life where I wake up feeling alive, sexy and empowered; a true creatrix. Who's with me?!
After many years of primarily using Naturopathy healing techniques to support women in reaching their health and wellness goals, it became apparent to me that deep healing and transformation required more than a one-dimensional approach: diet plans, herbal medicine, and lifestyle modifications.


What I learned is it doesn't matter whether women are seeking weight loss guidance, problematic skin treatment, anti-ageing strategies, hormonal balancing, or mood elevation, most often physical manifestations or symptoms are caused by emotional and energetic factors at the root.

To truly heal, thrive, and feel empowered we must consider all the aspects that make up who we are: our physical body, mind, energy/soul, and emotions. 
Over many years, I have created a unique and powerful blend of practices and techniques to initiate healing and deep personal transformation in women. I use a combination of natural medicine and women's wellness practices such as womb meditations, yoni steaming and menstruation magic, as well as food education, subconscious techniques, and womb wisdom. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been aware of the spiritual and energetic aspects of us, souls living in human bodies. I always had a deep knowing I had a dharma (purpose) to fulfill in this lifetime. We all do.

Like most of us, my life has been filled with challenges both consciously intended and others less so. The challenges I have experienced have been wake-up calls prompting much-needed transformation within myself and my life. These challenging and often traumatic experiences have shaped me into who I am today so I can fulfill my purpose, as well as relate to a broad spectrum of challenges women like you are dealing with right now.

My purpose is to support women to heal, embody their true essence and awaken their divine feminine nature so they can rise and fulfill their soul's purpose. To live their lives consciously creating, feeling healthy, well, Goddessey, loved, empowered, and joyful.

My opportunity-to-evolve experiences have taken the form of childhood trauma, divorce, hospitalisations, breaking my spine saving my sister from being crushed by a wrought iron gate weighing two cars; and recently being stuck in Bali for a year during covid. There are so many more but as I reflect these experiences stood out the most.  

All of the challenging experiences I have lived through, alerted me that I was out of alignment with my true essence, my purpose, my joy, and my integrity. Although very challenging, these milestones helped me to heal, align with my true essence and activate my feminine power as well as my purpose.

These challenges served as opportunities to get to know me more intimately and let go of what doesn't align with who I truly am. From this space, I was able to reinvent myself and create a more authentic, deeply satisfying, creative, and much more fun life. I am grateful that my journey has led me to live all over the world, work with gorgeous women, and create a reality that feels free, magical, and abundant.

The best part of my journey is sharing knowledge and practices to support women to break free, heal, feel good and create a life they love. To witness the Divine Feminine rise and awaken. To encourage each woman to pass on this potent knowledge to her children, partner, and community. To witness awakened women birth conscious humans and as a result, be a part of raising the frequency of our planet so Mumma Gaia and all her creatures can elevate. 

No matter how big or small a role we play in making our world a better place for future generations, we ALL make a difference. So let's make a difference together! 
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Are you ready to heal, reinvent yourself & create a life you love? 

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