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Womb Wisdom & Divine Energies

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Ancient women were aware of the power each of us femmes hold. They honoured this power within themselves and each other. They were deeply connected to their wombs knowing their wombs were a portal to creation itself: you can call this God/Goddess/Higher consciousness/ Gaia/ whatever best resonates with you.

Whether you want to be a Mumma, create a project, or birth a new idea, your womb space is where it all happens. It is where your goddess energy resides, your menstrual cycle flows, and your connection to nature is rooted.

Many of us feminines have forgotten how magical, powerful, and truly beautiful we are. We have grown up in a society where vulnerability is viewed as a weakness, and our periods are dirty and messy. Oh, and if we desire to make potions and worship the moon, we are weird and witchy. I knew I had a little witch in me when making herbal tinctures got me so damn excited!

Like I said this topic is super expansive so in this blog I’ll talk about the divine feminine and divine masculine energies as I think that’s a good place to start for those totally new to this subject.

We are all made of the same energy as our universe. These energies are called divine feminine and divine masculine and they are polar opposite in their nature. This has nothing to do with gender. I’m referring to the yin and yang aspects in each of us, and having a balance of both is said to make us whole.

The divine masculine gives and the divine feminine receives. The masculine is solid, and purpose-driven, whereas the feminine is creative, fluid, and nurturing. The masculine has more of a hunter ‘go out and get it’ vibe, and in contrast, the feminine patiently waits for inspired action.

Both of these energies are just as important as each other. The polarity of these energies is what our world is built on. Most of us will have a propensity to lean more towards one energy.

We require a balance of both the divine feminine and divine masculine: masculine energy conjures fire in our belly, which drives us to dare to dream and take action, and the feminine energy encourages us to be loving, receptive, and connection-focused. The feminine can be likened to waves in the ocean always flowing, and the masculine is like a rock: solid, constant, steady, and grounded.

What does this all have to do with fully understanding and embodying our sacred feminine and harnessing our womb wisdom?

In today’s masculine dominated world, many feminines find themselves developing more masculine energy to ‘keep up.’ Constant outward energy is demanded in our fast-paced society. Many of us feel exhausted with the ever-changing expectations and competitive environments we find ourselves in: we’re working long hours, birthing babies, cooking, cleaning, and doing all kinds of other things to make sure we keep ‘looking’ good. No wonder we get all mood swingy!

We have moved so far away from the divine goddesses we truly are. Embodying too much of the masculine energy has decreased our ability to create, connect, and nurture relationships joyfully.

I spent most of my adult life too much in the masculine energy that left me attracting the wrong men for me, exhausted, burnt out, deeply unhappy, and feeling like something was missing. I also had reoccurring female health conditions that weren’t shifting. If any of this sounds like you, cultivating more divine feminine energy may be life-changing.

Of course, there are women who require cultivating more masculine energy to get their projects off the ground and create more stability in their lives, however, in my experience most of my female clients have been more in their masculine energy.

If you are an over-achiever, find it difficult to switch off, find it a challenge to receive, can’t slow down and be still, experience challenging relationships, struggle with being creative and in touch with your emotions, as well as encountering female health issues, you may need a little or a lot more divine feminine energy!

You can take the below feminine and masculine traits quiz and see how balanced your energies are. This is just a general idea on where you might sit, if you would like more information you can book a discovery call with me here.

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