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Coping with COVID

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Maintaining a positive mindset during the pandemic

How valuable would it be to you right now to transcend fear during a pandemic? How possible do you think it is to truly thrive in the thick of adversity? Now is the time to see just how capable you truly are.

After a short period of feeding into the pandemic fear, I sat with what was and remembered that I’d been through similar periods of isolation and deep unknowing. These times initiated profound change within me and I started to wake up to how I was creating my reality.

I felt instant comfort knowing I’ve been through times like this before.

Granted these times weren't exactly a pandemic but when you're feeling low and feeding into any kind of fear, you find yourself in self-made isolation.

An intense isolation period I experienced was when I just about broke my back lifting a wrought ion gate crushing my sister. This 'wake-up' call led me to go within and question my thoughts, choices, behaviours; my entire life. Why? Because when you are so badly hurt and you think you might not walk again you wake up and realise you have one shot at life (in this incarnate) and a fire ignites within you to create an extra-ordinary kinda life. A life that makes you feel good, reflects who you truly are and inspires gratitude and creativity within you daily.

At the time I stopped long enough to notice I was deeply unhappy, lost and nowhere near embodying the potential I knew I was capable of. I realised the only way to transform my life was to transform myself. Cliche I know, but this is truth.

Use this period as a space to create change; and even more space!

So during my period of isolation, I cleaned up my internal environment by changing my thoughts, beliefs, and mindset. I questioned every decision I made and every action I took. I incorporated practices that revealed to me where I was living out a 'program' and not being my authentic self. As I questioned and changed my internal world, I started to see changes in my external world. I was healing, not just my back, but also my past, my pain, my wounds, my limiting beliefs. All the things that were stopping me from creating a life I deeply love. As I dropped each layer of inauthenticity, my health improved, I attracted different people and things into my life, I experienced deep love for myself, I even seemed to anti-age..Yes!

In reflection, what a gift that time was for me.

It catapulted me into a life I could have only dreamed of... travel, creating a business I love working with gorgeous women, amazing experiences and a whole lotta joy!

I documented everything I did in that time which became my 'From Lost to Luscious' program. I cannot believe just how perfect it is for this time we are all experiencing. This rare opportunity to go within and let go of everything that is stopping us from living a life we love. It is the perfect time to reprogram ourselves so we can consciously create our reality.

I am deeply grateful that life got me ready for this moment in time, and I feel a responsibility to share this step by step process with anyone who wants to shift from fear to peace, stagnation to aliveness, confusion to clarity, lack to abundance and loneliness to love. The women who have completed my program so far, have told me how grateful they are as it has helped them to stay centred, grounded, hopeful and even inspired in a time of fear and unknowing.

If you are interested in stepping outside the status quo and using this time of stillness to finally realise your limitless potential and create a beautiful and luscious life, even in the thick of adversity, contact me!

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