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The Energy of a Name

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

There is power in words.

After much consideration, deep introspection, and many conversations, I have decided to adjust my name slightly. As a woman stepping into my power, I feel I no longer resonate with the name Sarah. My true essence has me deeply desiring a slight change. Even though only an extra vowel is added, this change is energetically powerful and feels much more aligned with who I am today.

I have changed my name to Sahara as in the desert. My mum did the numerology on this which equals a 3 (she's a whiz at this!) Three means wholeness, completeness, and manifestation. It’s about expansion, growth, and abundance on all levels; opening a channel with spiritual insights and inspiration for living life. This all resonates profoundly with me.

The meaning of Sahara (Desert, Moon, Inca Gold) is at the heart of my personal journey and deepest transformations and I'll explain why.

My personal transformations have led me into the woman I am today and was always meant to be. I have recently discovered the transformation process involved the Desert, the Moon and Gold (Alchemy).

What I learned is transformation beckons us to walk through the DESERT by stripping away and unravelling all that is not aligned with our truest essence in order to create an 'us’ that feels so good, so authentic and so aligned we cannot help but love the person we have become, the person we always were underneath all the layers.

We are guided by Mumma nature and particularly the MOON for us femmes, as we create this new and aligned version of self. Once we have tapped into the magick of the moon and our own unique power, by embodying womb wisdom, we can consciously manifest a life that is an extension of who we naturally are, a life that feels joyous, abundant, and deeply satisfying. We also activate the potential to heal ourselves and others.

Gold is the outcome of the alchemic process.

The traditional definition of alchemy is transforming metal to GOLD, and in the context of our personal transformation, alchemy is transforming our ordinary selves into extraordinary.

I have learned and used a variety of alchemical practices that have initiated fast upleveling and profound long-lasting change; and now I share this same process with my clients.

You get to choose who you want to be in this world, in this lifetime. Are you a product of your conditioning? Or are you a seeker who has explored the depths of yourself and know who you truly are?

When we have achieved this deep transformation we have become true alchemists of our lives.

Get in touch and I can guide you to experience a new way of being, a new you.

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